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Visitor management for callboxes

Remember waiting by the phone and pressing a button to let your friends into your community? Those days are gone. Now you can give secure access to you’re community from anywhere at anytime.

Your future visitor will receive a unique Sequr pin to access your community. You can specify if you want it to be send via text-message or email.


How does it work?




Activity Logs,
Pass History, &
Arrival Timelines

As a property manager, owner, or even resident, you want to know everything that is going on. Sequr tracks all the comings and goings for your community and we promise we will never delete anything. Data is a powerful tool, use it!

Works with any callbox on the market


Eliminate Shared Codes

No more pin codes being passed around that everyone knows.

Multi Device

Access your Sequr login from any device.

No Unwanted Visitors

Know every visitor that enters your community.

Dynamic Logs

All data in Sequr is searchable and clickable.

Maximum Security

We maintain industry standards in security and privacy.


When a visitor arrives, you will receive a notification.

24/7 Support

We offer full time support and live chat.

Unlimited Visitors

Sequr has flat pricing and does not depend on usage.

Hardware Integration

Sequr integrates with all callboxes on the market.

Mobile First

Sequr VM provides mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Insightful Analytics

Take advantage of the actionable data Sequr give you.

User Centered Design

The experience was designed to be easy and intuitive.