Visitor Management for Callboxes

Use sequr for managing access to your building.

How Does It Work?

With Sequr Visitor Management, you can send visitors a one time or scheduled pincode to access your community. All they have to do is type the pincode into the callbox upon arrival.

Discover Sequr Access Control

As a community admin, you can track all visitor activity. For the first time ever, you will have actionable data and insight. Contact us today to see it in action.

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Receive Notification

Visitor will receive an email with callbox pin

Get access

Visito Enters pin to callbox to gain acces to building

Enter building

The Door or gate opens so visitor can get access

Receive Notification

Sequr will send you notifficationletting you know that visitor arived

Give Visitor Management a Brand New Edge Now

As a property manager, owner, or even resident, you want to know everything that is going on. Sequr tracks all the comings and goings for your community and we promise.

Visitor Management for Callboxes

Now you can give secure access to you’re community from anywhere at anytime. Your future visitor will receive a unique Sequr pin to access your community.

The Sequr Advantage

Sequr is the first access control management software of its kind. With Sequr, you can manage keyholders, monitor all activity, and even assign mobile keys from any device, anywhere, at any time.

Hardware Integration

Sequr integrates with all callboxes on the market.

No Unwanted Visitors

Know every visitor that enters your community.

24/7 Support

We offer full time support and live chat.

Eliminate Shared Codes

No more pin codes being passed around that everyone knows.

Insightful Analytics

Take advantage of the actionable data Sequr give you.

Unlimited Visitors

Sequr has flat pricing and does not depend on usage.

We have the perfect solution for you

Sequr was built for any industry that wants to restrict access and enhance security. No matter the deployment, Sequr has the solution you need.

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