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Sequr: Making Key Cards a Thing of the Past

Anyone with a smartphone will agree: apps make life easier. Nowadays we’re practically swimming in them. According to data recently collected by Statista, there are over 2 million applications available for download in the Apple and Android stores. The variety is astounding. There are apps that allow us to communicate, check our bank accounts, order food, find dates, catch Pokémon, and the list goes on and on.


As apps become more complex, they continue to make our lives easier, and they’re even beginning to replace everyday objects. Just as Google Maps made GPS devices obsolete, and the Genius Scan app made scanners at thing of the past, a new app called Sequr is looking to completely replace your key fobs and key cards for good.


The idea behind Sequr is simple. It allows users to gain access to buildings and residences using their mobile device. So basically, Sequr turns your smartphone into a magic wand. With a smooth flick of the wrist, you simply twist your phone over a Sequr-installed door reader and voila. You’re in! The revolutionary tech can be used at commercial businesses, apartment complexes, dormitories, and personal residences; basically anywhere there’s a door.


The benefits of such technology are immeasurable.  Sequr truly makes your business or apartment complex safer.  Unlike physical key cards and fobs, a personal smartphone can’t be duplicated.  A cell is also less likely to be shared, keeping possible security threats at bay.


Another big advantage? No more ordering boxes of key cards and key fobs. And if you’re an employee, you no longer have to shell out extra cash to replace a lost key card. Take it from a girl who has lost a fob once or twice (or three times). This app is golden, and it will make your life so much easier. To learn more about Sequr or to set up a free trial, visit https://sequr.io/.