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Sequr is changing the callbox – For good

Amajority of communities and buildings around the world with restricted access(RA) use some sort of telephone entry system(TES) to allow visitor entry. The world knows these TES’s as callboxes. Let’s go over the way callboxes works.

If the resident chooses to grant the visitor access, they press a button on their mobile device (usually 9) to open the gate.

The visitor then calls the resident and can engage in conversation.

If the resident chooses to grant the visitor access, they press a button on their mobile device (usually 9) to open the gate.<br />

The technology is quite simple and effective but there are 3 major problems that can arise as a result of the simple steps outlined above.

The most common issue is timing. What happens when a visitor calls the person they are visiting and there is no answer? Perhaps the resident is in the restroom. Perhaps their phone died. No matter the reason, their visitor is stuck. Now it gets worse.

For the sake of overusing the word visitor, let’s give her a name: Julie. Julie has tried calling Jon several times through the callbox to no avail. She can back out and find somewhere to wait until Jon decides to call her back.

Unfortunately, two cars are now waiting for Julie to get in. Perhaps they can all back up at the same time. What happens if the entrance is just off of a busy street?

This slightly amusing anecdote is a very common experience for people living in gated communities. Sequr is here to fix it.
Another big problem is shared pin codes. Many residents living in gated communities are assigned house specific pin codes that the entire family uses. These are used when they forget their clicker or are riding in someone else’s car.  The family will, of course, share this pin code with friends and relatives. They, in turn, may share that pin code with anyone they please.

Even worse, some communities will assign one entry code for the entire neighborhood to use. This is then passed around to everyone and their brother. Obviously, this is not good. Not good at all.

The last major problem is tracking and transparency. When a visitor calls the resident through the callbox, we know who they are calling and when; but that’s it. Who is the visitor?

The problem is even worse with community shared pin codes. Not only is the visitor anonymous, but the resident’s identity is unknown. Yup, Sequr has a solution for this as well.

Before we get to the awesomeness that is Sequr, let’s reiterate the 3 major problems with callboxes today.

Timing: The resident doesn’t pick up the phone.

Sharing: Residents share codes they should not.

Transparency: Nothing is known about the people entering the community.<br />

So, what is the big deal with Sequr? Well, it’s actually a huge deal. For the first time ever, residents living in a community with a callbox can “pre-authorize” visitors and give truly secure access. Here is how it works:

A resident uses the Sequr mobile app to add pre-approved visitors to their “visitor list.” It’s as simple as clicking a name from your phone’s contact list. You can then assign different pass types for different situations. There are 3 types of passes that can be distributed:

One-Time – A one-time pass is valid for one use and one use only. That means after it is used to gain access, it will be removed from the system.

Multi-Day – A multi-day pass has a specified date and time range. If your best friend visits often, you can give them a pass that will work for 6 months, from 9:00 am – 10:00 pm. Don’t worry, you can revoke a pass at any time.

Recurring – A recurring pass is used for repetitive visitors on a schedule. If you have a cleaner that comes every Tuesday between the hours of 10:00 am and 4:00 pm, you may issue them a recurring pass. This will send them a new entry code every Tuesday morning.<br />

A visitor may receive their pass via two methods, text or email. Here is an example of what the text may look like:

text pass

Here is an example of a branded email pass for an office building:


When a visitor arrives and a valid pass is used, the resident will receive a push notification indicating their visitor has arrived.

So have we solved the 3 problems?

Residents no longer have to wait by their phone when expecting visitors. They can now pre-authorize visitors.

Shared pin codes can now be eliminated. Sequr can be used as a backup for residents.

Transparency? We log every pass, arrival, visitor, and resident data and we never delete it. see more</p> <p>Pretty cool right? Let us know what you think below.<br />

Pretty cool right? Let us know what you think below.