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Access control just got a
whole lot smarter

Sequr is the first access control management software of its kind. Built on a state of the art platform, with and emphasis on security and scalability. With Sequr, you can manage credentials, monitor all activity, and even assign mobile keys from any device, anywhere, at any time.


Manage Credentials

Assigning credentials has never been easier.

Choose amongst keycards, keyfobs, clickers, and mobile devices.

Make sure the right people have access at the right time.



Mobile Access

Your phone is your new Keycard. Time to throw away the keycards and keyfobs.

No need to open the app. Simply tap your phone to the reader.

Mobile credentials are more secure than fobs and cards and are impossible to duplicate or hack.

Convenience meets security


Managing hardware has never been so beautiful

From your sequr portal, you can configure hardware, edit readers, create permissions, and check on system status. Never guess what is going on with your hardware again.


Not yet convinced?


Manage all aspects of access control from any device straight from the browser.

Bluetooth Entry

Utilize your phones BLE technology to access restricted facilities.

256 Bit Encryption

Mobile IDs are signed and encrypted using AES 128/SHA-256 for ultimate security.

Real-Time Activity

Monitor all activity from entries, to propped doors in real time.

Ultimate Scalability

Sequr works from one door up to 1000. We grow as you grow.

Modern Code

Sequr was built on scalable open source technology.

Unlimited Credentials

Assign unlimited keycards, fobs, or mobile credentials.

Works Offline

Fully functional offline operation when not actively communicating.

Property Management Integration

Sequr integrates with the biggest PM software platforms.

Mobile Access

In addition to traditional credentials, you can use your phone to open doors.

Insightful Analytics

Take advantage of the actionable data Sequr give you.

User Centered Design

The experience was designed to be easy and intuitive.